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20 Ways to Reconnect with Your Source Energy (From Slump to Jump)

We sometimes or often get into a trap where our energy is down. If you’re like me, when my energy is down my mind become my worst enemy and I get stuck in a mental pattern. It can get hard to break this pattern especially if you’ve been there a while.

I have read many articles on motivation and a great many try to help by pushing ideas to force a motivational habit. My own experience has shown me that the “you can do it” type of motivation doesn’t really work. Well at least for the long term. Short term for me is usually a day or so.

After looking at it closely, I found out that the flow of energy is always available to us and it’s just our thoughts that trap it inside. I think that most of you already know that when you energy is up you can feel it flow out of you. You become vibrant, alive, active and naturally uplift others and feel that life is working with us. And on the flipside, when we are down, we feel that life is against us and our thoughts feel heavy and gloomy.

It all boils down to our mind and what we are thinking. Our thoughts become the culprit for our diminished energy flow as we continually reflect on our current situation. Mainly, it’s the thoughts about ourselves and our situation that become that bottleneck that constricts our natural ability to feel great.
Reconnecting with things that you really like and uplift you is the way to go. Reconnecting you to you will bring out your natural source of motivation.


Ways to reconnect with your source energy

1) Take a vacation from yourself. Go somewhere for a day and do something different. Something you have not done before. Make sure you are out of areas that you are familiar with.

2) If you feel inspired, don’t stop. Act on your inspiration. This is the best place to be. Internal inspiration is your spirit helping you reconnect with life. This is where we all want to be.

3) Find a truly inspiring quote. One that you really connect with and make it your personal mantra. I have mine posted on my computer and read it every day.

4) Get absorbed in music that moves you. Listen to it often and feel the energy your connecting with. That’s you and your hear singing your feelings. When you don’t feel the connection to the song anymore, it’s time to find a new one and sing a different tune. Music can be a great way to change your state.

5) Treat yourself and do something you’ve been putting off for a long time. Make a day of it. Making the time and space for yourself is really important for overall balance. The more balance you have the easier it is to move forward.

6) Remove expectations and have some real fun. Stay in the moment. Focus on your enjoyment. Expectations are heavy. They create a bottleneck on your energy flow. Do something just for the pleasure of doing it.

7) Filter out useless bad stuff. Filter out all news and drama. It’s depressing and extremely toxic for your energy.

8) Eat healthy and light. Do some exercise. Body and Mind are very closely related. If you are like me, getting off the couch is hard. For me exercise looks like lots of work. But every time I do it I feel great. This is a #1 way to help you out of a funk.

9) Rise early and strive for a consistent sleep pattern. It’s the body again. Keep your connection with it consistent and nourishing. It’s always talking to you. Listen closely.

10) Meet with friends who energize you. People who are living passionately and with joy are radiating positive flow of energy. It is contagious. The good kind.

11) Write a letter to your heart and describe all things worrying you. Writing it all down makes it smaller and helps you see it for what it is. If you show your heart your vulnerability and let go your trying to fix it, your heart chakra opens.

12) Remove useless distractions. The computer, TV, text messaging etc. They fill up your time to reconnect.


Catch yourself when your thinking like this.

13) It needs to be perfect. Just relax and let something be messy or incomplete. Let it go.

14) Making excuses. There is no need to make excuses. Nobody’s perfect. Admit it and remember we’re all human. To make an excuse is avoiding the pain to speaking your truth. It’s poison to your energy because you’re holding back your truth and freedom of being.

15) Blaming others. It’s not their fault that they are incompetent. They don’t know any better. Do your best and move on. Let it go… We’re all human.

16) Playing the broken record. It’s easy to get back to an old habit. Simply recognizing it takes you a long way out of there. The more you recognise it the less it happens.

17) Not trying something new and avoiding change. Just call it an experiment. Try something with no expectation whatsoever. Find the fun.

18) Taking it all too seriously. Taking it seriously is really about taking it personally. Again, it’s easy to do. Just catch yourself, take a break and connect with your happy place.

19) There is too much to tackle it seems like a lot of work. Take baby steps. A journey of a 1000 miles… remember that one? Find the fun in it and just do it for fun and only that. Again no expectations just fun.

20) And Lastly… Don’t wait for your feelings or environment to change. It won’t happen unless you do it. Just laugh. That’s another great therapy.

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Inside of you is an incredible wonderful being. The music of life is in you. Be the shining star that you are.



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