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A letter to a friend in response to Faith, Trust and Love

Faith in oneself is the hardest thing for anyone to do and is part of the affliction everyone has. Even in myself many times. When I don’t know how to respond to someone, or don’t know how to help them I always turn inwards and look into the emptiness of my heart waiting for God to speak. I humble before my heart

and life in the vast unknowing waiting for guidance. Every time I do this and meditate in my heart and seek the light and the way. When it comes, Faith in myself returns and I AM again. As a student moving to perfection this happens over and over until one day you are one with ALL of it. It is a sort of attunement. This attunement moves you from being blind to all, knowing into seeing and to being all knowing.

Trust in the end is about you and God. Putting your trust in others blindly will always get you hurt because you put your faith in them and not in yourself. You place your wellbeing and your emotional care in the hands of others. Many people who have are hurt and lost, fear losing themselves and they are constantly on guard. Like a paranoia to some degree or another. They constantly feel alone because they cannot find something or someone to trust; someone who can be a rock for them to help them love and trust themselves.

Everyone has to follow their own path if they wish to find freedom, love and themselves. Love is the way to do this if you are to be true to yourself. You must dig deep and tell yourself the truth about your love and you. Love is the light, love is the way and in your love is your truth.

Your real strength comes in knowing you. For in you is your light, your love and your truth about you. Be humble to your heart and speak your hearts truth about you. Listen and accept what your heart tells you and don’t believe in any ideas you have about yourself that don’t speak through your heart.

In love,


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