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Life has always been about you and your Journey.

For ages there have been spiritual teachers telling us that a Wonderland or Heaven exists right in front of us to discover. That there is so much more to Life than we can imagine and that the doorway is right in front of us.

Most of us want to connect with our Spirituality and make a Shift in our lives but have a hard time trying to bridge the Gap between our “daily life”, in this mess of a world, and our Spiritual Life. This is the struggle the planet is faced with today as we emerge into a new era of existence here.

As far as “Spirituality” goes, there is a lot of noise out there and it’s hard for anyone to decipher what is genuine and helpful. There are so many religions, doctrines and beliefs systems that just make statements to induce beliefs, loyalty and memberships. Almost all religions started with a great teacher who showed people the way back to a different kind of life, one beyond our wildest imagination, one that is right in front of our eyes. But, after many years these messages got lost in translation and became doctrines. There is no real life in them anymore apart from charismatic people just “preaching” words. All of these are of no use to anyone unless you discover the treasures and live the wisdom beneath the words.

Wisdom should move you and help you see something different that changes your experience of Life and your Journey for the better. A useful teaching and the wisdom beneath it has to be practical otherwise it is useless and you cannot bridge the gap and see doorway to you.

Let me get one thing straight, I’m not making any claim that I have all the answers as I don’t. If anything I hope to make you “think”, “see” and “look” at the possibilities so you can find YOUR truth about them.

Several years ago I was on an incredible journey that changed my life.

This website was inspired by me rediscovering my journey to Wonderland and my desire to share it with you.

About me and my Journey to Wonderland

My name is Neil Legault and there’s a lot to say and then not really much. I will keep this part brief for now as it’s giving me writers block :) I currently live in Ottawa, Canada and I can say that I have been blessed to have wonderful parents that let me be and allowed me to form my own opinions as much as possible. I have been married and divorced two times and have two wonderful children. I have had everything and lost everything a several times in my life.

For allot of people, I can seem uninteresting as I don’t really participate in social role playing games but I do love to talk about spirituality and the human condition. I’m a realist and idealist at heart and love to get to the truth about life. It may seem paradoxical that I’m into spirituality being a realist and idealist but it is not. Well, at least not for me. There have been lots of promises made on behalf of spiritual masters and after having “been there and done that” with what society had to offer, I decided to get back on a quest to find myself; A quest that, for me, started a long time ago. I don’t want to “just believe” in a spiritual promise, I want to live it and know it for myself. If there is a promise that is real, I want to know.

I was born into a half practicing Christian family but always had a hard time with the church and their doctrine. I always believed that the main message of Jesus was one of Love and Truth. For a long time that is the only message I knew until I started reading about Buddha, Sufism, Zen and the new modern day teachers. My writing will have various flavours of these teachings at times but at no time am I trying to convert anyone to a doctrine or a belief system. For me, I have found that many of these teachings are either incomplete, not understood or lead people the wrong way. My main aim is to see where the teaching points to, experience its reality if I can find it and to try to integrate it into my daily life.

Like some people, I struggle living in a world full of greed, chaos and competition. I always try to be the best that I can be and that’s been a struggle at times. I struggle living in North America and I can’t imagine what it’s really like to live in other parts of the world where famine and war are the daily concern.

My heart really wants to see a new world emerge. One that is kind, loving, giving and full of joy. So I am seeking to be that change for myself because I believe that being the change you with to seek for yourself is, to: Be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Apart from my short and uneventful life story, there is one truly amazing event that happened to me in the spring and summer of 1997. I lost almost everything and decided to follow my bliss, heart and soul. I let go of everything I thought and knew. I didn’t have much to lose, so I plunged into the journey of the spirit. Something I told myself I would do one day and here it came. A huge shift happened and I stepped into Wonderland. Much to my surprise, I connected with the spiritual mysticism that others were talking about and as I searched for truth by let go of the ideas I had about it all and who I was, I went down the rabbit hole just like Alice in Wonderland. I was walking at its entrance with one foot in. I had a little fear of going a little further because I still had ideas I was really holding onto. I also had the desire to understand “how” it happened to me. I wanted to write a book about it. So Life sent me on a journey back to my old ways. I didn’t really know it at first but it was as if I had to redo it all again to understand it. After 12 years of losing myself again, I decided to get back on track and I’m discovering many things about what had happened to me. I am now writing my book which I hope you will enjoy when I complete it. Hopefully it will be complete this year.

This website was inspired by me rediscovering my journey to Wonderland and my desire to share it with you. I find inspiration and insights all over the place so the ones that I think are worth posting on this website I do for their value.

Follow what rings true for you.


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