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Fate vs. Free Will

“If we already have a destiny mapped out how can we have free will?”

This is a popular question all around and has troubled many including myself for a long time. I have yet to find an answer out there that will satisfy my understanding and fit with some experiences I had. To date, these are my thoughts and some of my personal conclusions about predestination vs. Free Will.

Predestination, destiny and fate are essentially the same but we have 2 definitions about them in our minds. One is that destiny or fate is an eventuality and the other is the ideas that it’s a play by play you have no choice in the matter type of thing… i.e. no free will here.

The idea of predestination came very early on when people tried to understand God’s plan. Many people today think that the idea of predestination is having a life where every moment and action is pre planned. If it were so, then there is no free will and we are some sort of puppets. That is our dilemma when we look at our lives in relationship to life, its meaning and our purpose in it.

In our lives there are things that we can change and things we cannot. I.e. Some things we can change with Free Will and some we cannot. There are elements in our creation that are not changeable such as; our existence, love, emotions, thought, beingness, cause and effect, law of attraction, consciousness, free will, mind and awareness. This framework for our lives and our existence is how it is.

My understanding today is that built into the non changeable aspects of our existence is the inevitability of our growth, ascension, return to Heaven or return to God if you will. This makes predestination an eventuality and has nothing to do with How and When we get there.

So it doesn’t matter what you do, how you do it, what choices you make, what experiences you have because eventually, you, being a perfect creation will realize that your joy and bliss comes from union with All that Is… This joyous return home is prebuilt in who you are. You will eventually choose to follow your Joy and Bliss.

Now the problem is that I have seen with my own eyes evidence to the contrary! How can that be?

I have witnessed very a detailed prediction with details spanning 8 years into the future about my mom when she went to see a psychic. Six or seven years after she went I discovered the tape they made. I have chills even today thinking about it. Also, I have heard on many occasions that sages from the east can tell you exactly how and when they are going to die. Sounds a lot like predestination in the sense of a play by play thing to me…

Well, to clear some of this up we need to look at time and predictability. Life exists only Now. This moment is all there ever is. This is hard to grasp at times and some people have a hard time understanding that there is no such thing as past and future. The past is only a memory of events in a mental chronological order and the future has not happened but is imagined. The ideas you have about what you are going to do start to take shape right here. The now moment is where everything moves in a seeming forward motion.

Ok, so how does this all make sense?

What I have come to conclude is that there are those who change the course of their lives all the time and those who live on one course. Think of it as a plane. We set the autopilot to a particular destination. If all goes well, its destiny is to arrive at its destination. So it is with some people. Some people are predictable in everything they do.

They set in motion the law of attraction, follow one course and the “future” as we understand it is all laid out in front of them. An alignment with the universe forms patterns in a predictable manner and someone who is attuned to these individuals can see it as predestination. But it still remains in the possible not necessarily the eventual. Those who are apt to change their course along the way are harder to predict. You are not on autopilot.

In this moment, how you feel, how you react, what you want for yourself sets the tone for the next moment to happen and there are those who alter their course. When talking about fate I have redefined it for myself as; we decide your fate. Whatever course you choose is your fate. Fate being how things play out for you as you attract life onto you.

I would like to close this off with a couple of notes:

1)      Predestination is an eventuality and that eventuality was built into our creation.

2)      How you get there, what you do and the time you take is up to you. This is your experience of you.

3)      Predestination from a spiritual standpoint is only about your return to life. I.e. alignment with life.

4)      Life and being in the end is not about getting to a destination, it’s about being and co-creating with All that Is.

5)      Your journey is about You and the discovery of you.

6)      In every moment you decide the direction you want to take.

7)      Even if it’s all bullshit, following your bliss can’t hurt :)

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