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Genuinely You

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” ~ Lao Tzu

What does this really mean?

When you are being yourself you speak your Truth and you live by your ideas and thoughts. You become genuine and you exude certainty and confidence from your very being.

Everyone in this world who is not truly themselves is looking for certainty and confidence in who they are simply because, when you are not being you, you are trying to be something that you are not. This invariably always creates stress, confusion and competition in you because you are trying to force yourself to be someone other than yourself.

In the sea of everyone who doesn’t know who they are, we are unconsciously taught as children that in this society we have to compete for attention, affection, respect and most of all, “to be somebody” and to “fit in” with society. All of these take us away from being who we are already.

The outside reflection of who you are changes over time but in your core inner being you will always remain a child, innocent, fresh, playful and alive. You, at your core, ARE life itself.

Those who are themselves simply ARE their own Truth in this moment. They speak from that inner being always remaining genuine and True to themselves.

When you are Truly yourself, you also let others BE simply because to respect others and allow them to be themselves allow YOU the space to be yourself.

Those who see that you are genuine and confident respect you because they seek for themselves the very same.

Lao Tzu has been one of many to give me great inspiration. I am following my bliss in helping others find themselves amidst the ocean of crap around us. This is Your life. It has always been about you for you are at the center of your experience and life. I am building a website to help all of us regain some sanity and to help us bridge the gap between living in this world and finding youself so you can start exploring the wonders of Life beyond what we think we know.

I have had some Unbelievable experiences in my life that were truly out of this world which I will share with you. This universe is truly an Alice in Wonderland full of Self discovery and Joy.


About the Author

Hi my name is Neil Legault and I’m the founder of UnbelievableYou. My hope is that through my writing I can help others connect with their inner selves. I have found that the journey to enlightenment needs to be practical in order for lasting change to be.
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