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Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up.

This post is a response to a comment from one of my readers and someone whom I have befriended on Facebook over the years.


Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. – Author Unknown


Joy Deep:

“@Neil: People do look down on you even in the process when you are getting a helping hand. I have experienced it over the last few months and would like to understand as to what should be done in such a case where you have let an unconditional helping hand in the past to someone and in an adverse situation you are getting help in return with loads of bias, doubts, explanations, fear, hatred, inhibitions, questions & suppression.”

Hi Joy. Not everyone is a saint… Yet. Don’t give in to the temptation to judge others or you will be repeating the same error in yourself. I say error because any form of judgement separates you from life and the reality that is there. Compassion and humility is what you need to hold in your heart when helping anyone. If this happens again just recognise deep down that we are all human. Keep your heart open. This positive vibration will help dissolve any negative projection someone is sending to you.  What you feel when someone is judging you amplifies the negative projection in both minds. Just watch your feelings and thoughts because his projection is validated by yours going back to him. None of which is real as it is all a perception.


If you practice this positive vibration consciously you will see others change before your eyes as you set them free from theirs. You set people free from the need to continuously protect themselves from situations where they feel vulnerable. Judgements are a way that people try to protect themselves by separating themselves from the situation. Judgement = Separation. You practice positive vibration by keeping your heart open and accepting others as they are even if they are the ones helping you.


All the best,



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