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Touching the lives of others – We are all connected.

Everyone’s life touches so many others and like ripples in the ocean we can’t see how far the ripples go. But know that your very presence influences the course of life itself and affects us all. Even though you sing your story and can’t see the results, they are ever present.

The Jesus quote, “Whatever you do unto one of the least, you do unto me.”, is not just something that was said to gain sympathy, it’s a statement that reflects that everyone’s life affects the other.

If you are well connected to your heart and do something that hurts someone, you can feel their pain in your heart. That is because their pain is yours. Our heart is always connected to everything and if we listened to it more often we would see how many opportunities we have to spread love. Watch and see how you feel in your heart when you do things. Watch how someone’s hurt is yours and when someone’s joy is yours also. We tend to see ourselves as completely separate but we’re not.

Try being mindful of your feelings and intentions when with others and try to see how your “feelings” are connected to those around you. Know that if you are angry inside and don’t seem to show it outwardly, others feel it. Judgement is another one that’s easier to see others react to. When you are with someone, watch your opinions and thoughts about them or their ideas or situation. This exercise is about “seeing” our connection. So I’m talking about watching your ideas, thoughts and opinions in your head… Not the ones you speak out. The more you have opposing thoughts or opinions, the more you will see others become guarded and defensive. Watch and see someone’s reaction to your thinking.

Try practicing “25 Ways to Raise Someone’s Energy and Your Own” and while you do it, watch how others change before your eyes. There is nothing like allowing others to be themselves.


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