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Video: Wisdom of the Buddha

One of the best compilations of Buddha’s quotes I have ever seen. This really encapsulates the essence of his message for all those on the path of enlightenment. Produced by the Psychetruth channel on YouTube. “These are wise quotes of Siddhāttha Gotama; the Buddha. It doesn’t matter which faith you follow or if don’t particularly consider yourself a religious person, you will find truth in his words.”

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2 of my favorite Buddhist books.

Be an Island: The Buddhist Practice of Inner Peace by Ayya Khema. One of the best Buddhist books I have ever read and one that I read over and over. Ayya was the first female Buddhist to address the United Nations on the subject of Buddhism. In this book, Ayya guides us along the path of Buddhist meditation with practical advice, providing us with tools for a healthy sense of personal being. She gives techniques for dealing with emotions, mindfulness, and living with others.
Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: Meditations on the Buddhist Path is another great book by Ayya Khema. She gives clear, practical instruction on meditation and techniques for overcoming counterproductive mental habits and beliefs. Through simple practices, you will gain deeper insight, a sense of calm well-being and a greater capacity to love and feel loved in every moment. This book is a great outline of the Buddhist path that can be understood and enjoyed by everybody.

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