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We often feel the pressure or a resistance inside when our hearts speaks one way and society, peer pressure or others try to influence us otherwise. To listen to or not to listen to your heart, in other words, to conform or not to conform. This is the dilemma we face when trying to “be” or find who we are inside. Some don’t realise the great implications this daily decision has on our state of beingness and our ability to commune with our spirit and live the life we are meant to.

A reader had asked me a question that we all face.

“How can I listen to my heart when everyone tries to push me back from the truth that what lies in my heart and mind?”

My initial response was brief and after more reflection the following came out.

Your heart will tell you your truth. A question to ask yourself is; Is this your life or theirs? If you follow your heart you will certainly meet resistance from those around you who want you to conform to their ideas about how to live and be. There is a lot of this going around in our society so you will meet resistance that is a guarantee.  Not to follow your heart would be to deny yourself your truth and to go against your natural state of being which is peaceful and joyous. Your freedom and your ability to live your life truly as well as to connect with life to its fullest all depend on how much you listen to and follow your heart.

Those who get to the point where they speak and live their truth every moment of the day are set to live life to the fullest. They are on the path of oneness. It is hard to break the mould at first but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Following your heart, listening and speaking your truth is the first step on the spiritual path. NO ONE can find themselves or be enlightened otherwise. EVER. If anyone is serious about finding themselves this is the step to practice over and over until you embody your truth. You will know you are on the right track when the level of joy, peace, happiness and excitement about life rises in you. You will feel the freedom to be and that is one of the greatest feelings.

The more you align yourself with your heart the more you will be aligned with your spirit and the more you will be able to hear and consult with your spirit at will. That is an incredible experience. One you will never want to live without. Your spirit is your guide and gateway to oneness. She is also your lover and best friend. She is your higher self. She is so close to God that she will guide you through enlightenment to full communion with life itself.

Be humble and open when you listen to your heart. If you have a fear about how to approach a conflict, tell your heart and ask for guidance. When you try listening to your heart at first you will get impressions or feelings back on what to do. The more you still your mind and commune with your heart the clearer your answers will be and at some point you will hear your spirit speak clearly.

I want to thank you Salim for inspiring me. You simple interaction was what I needed :) Thank you!


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